Why MobotixTools?

During our last 10 years of experience with Mobotix cameras we realized that a few tweaks and optimizations made properly can make a big difference in terms of performance and return of investment to our customers. We now want to share them with you all users and installers of Mobotix systems worldwide.

We put all the tools up together online so that anyone that wants to take advantage of these tools and optimize their Mobotix systems can do the job precise, fast and last but not least, free of charge.

VM Tool

You can set the video motion detection of a Mobotix camera in 2 ways: setting each area individually or using "$generate".

Using VM Tool, you combine best of both and get some more!

Recording Tool

Setting the storage device for the camera is a usual job. You always setup the recording device and then divide the available space equally for all the cameras storing there and then set them to stay in this limit.

Then, after one month when you take a look in the camera's page "Camera List" (http://[camera address]/control/player?cameralist=true) you find out that:

This comes from the different image settings, motion detection, frame rate or position of each camera. They are different one to each other and therefore the recording rates are different too.

Using Recording Tool, with a single click it reads the data from the camera and calculates what are the new storage limits you must set to each camera so that the recording time is maximized and all camera recording time ranges are equal.

Online Monitor

Most users or installers faced at least once a very unpleasant situation:

“Cannot view online the cameras! Exactly when you need this at most!”

It comes from many possible reasons like:

Whatever solution you reach to solve the technical problem is too late for the moment you needed live or recordings access remotely and you hah none.

Using Online Monitor (at a very low fee covering only our communication costs) you are in control full time.

Latest News
  • New enhanced version of Tools
    July 13, 2012
    Better handling: Now it is much easier to manage the cameras and tools. They are split apart.
    New feature: Get and Load the VM settings. You can upload in the VM Tool section settings made earlier and just adjust them instead of re-creating from the start.
  • Register now and get one month free of charge
    September 20, 2011
    Online Monitor tool is available free of charge for up to 4 cameras per user for 30 days after activation of first monitoring of a camera. The special offer is valid for registrations before 10 October 2011.
  • Official site launch
    September 20, 2011
    This website was launched during the Mobotix International Partner Conference, Langmeil, Germany. VM Tool and Recording Tool are available free of charge.
  • Online Monitor checking engine was started
    August 3, 2011
    Online Monitor engine was started for test and optimizations over 21 customers and 183 Mobotix cameras. Notifications are sent by email at maximum 10 minutes from camera's status changes.